"The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible." 

Albert Einstein

"My ambition is to live to see all of the physics reduced to a formula so elegant and simple that it will fit easily on the front of a t-shirt."

Leon Lederman

At Key Stage 3, students follow an accelerated course covering the basic ideas of Physics, including work on electricity, waves, forces and space.

At Key Stage 4, the IGCSE AQA course is covered. Both Double Science and Triple Science are offered in order to give a good introduction to studying Physics at A level.

At A level, students follow the OCR Physics A course. This covers the traditional topics of waves, mechanics, electricity and fields but also introduces more advanced topics such as Quantum Physics, Particle Physics, Cosmology and Health Physics. This is a traditional course which gives an excellent basis for studying Physics or Engineering at degree level.


Astronomy (which can be studied to GCSE level) and Science clubs include everything from rockets to pinhole cameras are available to all students. Staff within the department also offer support with Extended Projects as part of the Able, Gifted and Talented Programme, as well as CREST awards.

Year 13 physicists attended the Particle Physics Masterclass last year which is held at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford. Students heard about a variety of experiments being carried out to answer some of the most important questions in the field of particle physics and attended lectures given by some of the top Particle Physicists.

Year 12 Physics students have the chance to attend the A Level Physics Science Live in London in March.  The IOP in Chelmsford also run a series of lectures in Chelmsford on a variety of topics which the A level students are invited to attend. 

Year 12 Physicists also volunteered to help at Physics Fest.  This is an event organised by the IOP to inspire the next generation of Physicists.  The students helped demonstrate a range of hands on experiments.

In the Girls’ Division, Year 11 Triple Scientists attended the biannual Girl Leadership Day hosted by St Mary’s, Cambridge. The programme is designed to inspire students to consider a career as a scientist, engineer or mathematician. The girls also attended workshops on STEM careers, nanotechnology and were given advice on university applications. Inspirational speakers talked about their own educations and careers.

Year 10 Triple Science students had the opportunity to attend lectures by top scientists at the GCSE Science Live Lectures.  The day consisted of fascinating and inspiring lectures from a range of well-known leading scientists who have all played important roles in making science more accessible and engaging for public consumption.

The lively lectures were provided by;

- Prof Robert Winston

- Prof Andrea Sella

- Prof Jim Al-Khalili

- Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock

- Prof Alice Roberts

Departmental Achievements

In 2015, 88% of students achieved A*-B grades at GCSE and 71% achieved A*-B grades at A Level.

In 2014, Year 13 students took part in the Physics Olympiad A2 Challenge.

Head of Department

Mrs C Jones BSc(Nottingham) MSc(Soton) PGCE(Soton)