Pastoral Care

Providing outstanding pastoral care is essential to giving our pupils the best start in life.  Children who feel happy, safe and secure at school thrive in their academic studies, co-curricular pursuits and personal development. 

At New Hall Preparatory School, class sizes of around 20 pupils are taught by teachers who nurture the all-round development of every child.  A dedicated Pupil Support Manager is available to support pupils and parents in day-to-day pastoral matters, and a School Counsellor is also employed to aid children who may experience difficult episodes in their lives, such as bereavement.  Our dedicated Boarding team ensures that Preparatory School boarders receive the necessary care and support.  

All staff members enjoy building professional relationships and strong bonds with pupils that help to model spiritual, moral, social and cultural values, healthy living and wellbeing.  Staff and pupils alike are assigned a House, named after the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which foster a strong community spirit. 

Within the curriculum, the Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHEE) programme of study specifically gives pupils the knowledge and skills to meet confidently the challenges of the wider world.  

Fundamental British values are also actively promoted throughout the curriculum, as children develop an understanding of the rule of law, learn to appreciate individual liberty, enjoy their role in democratic processes, and foster a mutual respect and tolerance of their peers. 

The promotion of Christian values of care, trust and respect encourage pupils to develop into polite and responsible young people, who show service and compassion to others.

Parents and carers come together on frequent occasions to share in the celebration of success and to take part in collective worship, which allows us to build a strong school community.  Regular channels of communication ensure that information is passed on in a timely fashion and any pastoral concerns can be promptly dealt with.

Standards of behaviour are high, and the Code of Conduct is based upon positive praise and rewarding of good behaviour, and clear sanctions for inappropriate behaviour.  Pupils understand how their rights and responsibilities ensure a positive, friendly and safe environment which aids learning and development.  Our Behaviour Policy is based on positive discipline and revolves around three rights and responsibilities:

  • The right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others
  • The right to learn and the right to help others to learn so that our God-given talents can be fully developed
  • The right to be safe and the responsibility to keep others safe, because everyone in our school family is special