All students in Years 7 to 11 follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics. At GCSE level, students in Years 9 and 10 follow the new Edexcel Level GCSE (9-1) in Mathematics; Year 11 students still follow the Edexcel Linear 8371 specification. The GCSE examinations have tiered Foundation and Higher entry levels to cater for pupils of all abilities. Students begin the course in Year 9.

At A Level, students study the course accredited by Edexcel for Advanced GCE 9371 specification, whilst the Further Mathematics students follow the 9372 specification.


There is a successful after-school Mathematics club which is well attended and looks at mathematics beyond the classroom context. At New Hall, we believe that competition is important, not only to develop team spirit and camaraderie, but also to foster personal improvement. A large number of pupils are entered each year for the United Kingdom Mathematics Challenge (UKMC), Senior Team Maths Challenge and 'Maths Feast'. The most successful of these students qualify and go on to compete in the British Mathematical Olympiads. In addition to this, Inter-House Mathematics teams compete yearly for the title of House Mathematics Champions.

Departmental Achievements

In 2015, 79 of students achieved A*-B grades in GCSE Mathematics; 77% of students achieved A*-B grades at A Level Mathematics and 80% of students achieved A*-B grades in A Level Further Mathematics.

Some students study the Advanced Extension Award or STEP papers and subsequently go on to study Engineering and Economics at universities, including Oxbridge.

Head of Department

Mr I Tanner BSc (East Anglia) PGCE (East Anglia)