Campion (Year 11-13)

The ethos of Campion House is based on the values of trust, loyalty, kindness and respect. The staff of Campion House believe in the fundamental importance of these qualities in the development of the character of our boys.  

Boys work hard and learn to organise their time effectively so that they can also relax and enjoy themselves.  Popular recreational activities include five-a-side football, seven-a-side rugby, music, art, cookery and the occasional game of Scrabble.  

Campion boarders undertake their public examinations during their time in the house and, whilst they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own study time, they do so under guidance from the resident academic staff.  

Campion House has produced a number of Senior Prefects over recent years and a significant number of successful Oxbridge candidates.  We are proud of this and are dedicated to building on this success for many years to come.  

Boarding Options in Campion House

Full Boarding

Weekly Boarding

Mr James Aiken, Housemaster

Mr Aiken studied History at the University of Leeds, before gaining his PGCE at the University of Sussex. Mr Aiken previously taught at Reigate Grammar School for 4 years, during which time he was Head of a day House. He also taught in boarding for 2 years at Harrow Hong Kong as an Assistant Housemaster.

He now lives in Campion House with his wife Rachel and two young children, Holly and George. His interests include rugby, walking and sketching.


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