Senior Admissions

New Hall Senior School is a selective school and entrance is obtained through assessments.  The main entry points, at the Senior School are in Years 7 and 9. Places in other years are subject to availability.

Year 7 (age 11+)

It is highly recommended that all candidates attend the Year 7 Taster Day in October, there is also an information session for parents. Entrance into Year 7 is based upon an interview, entrance examinations in English (multiple choice and a written paper), Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning, which are held in November, as well as a current Headteacher’s report.

Applications from pupils who attend traditional preparatory schools which make provision allowing them to continue their education up to 13+, and which are not part of a structure which connects them to a particular senior school, will only be accepted (subject to the other relevant criteria set out in this policy) for Year 9 entry. Assessments may be sat in Year 8, or earlier in Year 6 if preferred, and any offer made will be for a place at the start of Year 9.

Useful Year 7 Admissions Dates (2018 Entry)

Year 7 Taster Day

Saturday 14 October 2017

Deadline for Year 7 Applications

Monday 16 October 2017

Entrance Assessments Monday 13 November 2017 to Thursday 16 November 2017

Sport Scholarship Assessments

Friday 1 December 2017

Sport Scholarship Call Back

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Music Scholarship Assessments Thursday 7 December 2017 to Friday 8 December 2017

Music Scholarship Call Back

Thursday 14 December 2017

Year 9 (age 13+)

Entrance into Year 9 is based upon an interview, entrance examinations in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning, which are held in January and current Headteacher’s report. Candidates that are being prepared for Common Entrance examinations by their current school will normally sit these in May/June prior to entry in September. Candidates who are successful in the New Hall Year 9 Assessments will be given a conditional offer of a place subject to Common Entrance examinations.

Useful Year 9 Admissions Dates (2017 Entry)
Entrance & Academic Scholarship Assessments

Monday 22 January 2018

Sport Scholarship Assessments Wednesday 31 January 2018
Music Scholarship Assessments Wednesday 31 January 2018

International Students

All overseas students are required to sit entrance examinations, including English, at their current school, with an approved agent, the local British Council office or at New Hall.


New Hall School offers a limited number of means-tested bursaries, of up to 100% of fees. Details are available in the Bursaries & Scholarships Policy, which can be found here. Applications for bursaries must be received by 8 January of the year of entry. For further details, please contact the Finance department.


Scholarships are available at Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form entry. Scholarship Application Forms will automatically be sent to all registered students. As well as financial scholarships, there are honorary awards available that offer students recognition for their talents and potential which will benefit them throughout their academic careers and into adulthood.

Assessment is based on the New Hall entrance examinations, interview and Headteacher’s report. Preference may be given to boarders and Catholics where candidates of similar ability are being considered. Most scholarships will have a fee remission attached to them, normally of 10% - one third remission of fees, with some top scholarships awarded at 50% to the highest performers in the academic assessments. All scholarships are net of prompt payment discount. The total value of the scholarships awarded will depend on the available funds. Subject to the availability of funds, an additional means-tested remission up to 100% of fees may be awarded to a recipient of a scholarship, if the fees would otherwise be unaffordable.