At New Hall, we offer a wide choice between hot and cold food, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and salads.  Proposed menus are reviewed by Nutritionist, Dr Juliet Gray RD RPH, along with the School’s medical team in the Health Centre. Weekly menus are put onto our website by our Caterers. We offer our students a widely varied and healthy and tasty diet. We also attempt to cater for all tastes and preferences, including vegetarian.

Any parent who is worried about the quality of the food is always welcome to come and sample lunch or any other meal.  Please telephone Director of Boarding or the Catering Manager.

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Special Diets

We expect all students to eat school meals, and can only meet individual requirements that are based upon attested medical grounds.

Parents of children who have allergies to any food product, or who have special dietary requirements, are asked to make this clear in the medical questionnaire, which they complete when their child enters the school.  

Parents should inform the school at once if their son or daughter subsequently develops an intolerance to any food.  The school nurse and Catering Manager are happy to see any parent who has concerns about their son’s or daughter’s medical condition and to devise a special menu, where practically possible.

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