Community Contributions

New Hall Voluntary Service (NHVS)

A special programme of charitable work is embodied most profoundly in the work of the New Hall Voluntary Service (NHVS), which provides public benefit to the wider community.

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Educational Days

New Hall runs a series of educational days on Saturdays during the year. These are open to children in the local area and are free of charge. Recent themes have included: Geography; Website Design; Dance; Singing; Modern Languages; Drama. Sport camps also operate during the school holidays which are open to local children and students from other schools.

Active Service by Staff

Members of staff are involved in, and often accompany students on their outreach work in the local and wider community. Other public benefit is provided by staff in the following ways:

  • As examiners or moderators for national examination boards
  • By writing material for national examination boards
  • As sports coaches and accredited referees and qualified judges, officiating at local and school games
  • By hosting or contributing to sporting tournaments at New Hall and elsewhere
  • By serving as school governors
  • By serving as school inspectors
  • By directing and participating in local music and amateur dramatic groups

The Principal is a member of: the Catholic Independent School’s Conference (CISC); the Brentwood Diocese Secondary Heads Association (BDSHA); the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC); the Boarding Schools Association (BSA); together with the Chairman of Governors, the Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools (AGBIS).

Cultural Development

The New Hall boarding community currently welcomes students from over 30 different countries; around 10% of students are from overseas. The school values this cultural diversity, which enhances understanding of different traditions and nationalities.

New Hall supports music-making in local schools through, for example, the provision of New Hall educational days and by teaching staff visiting local primary schools to provide workshops. Members of staff from local schools and local civic leaders are also invited to school drama productions, musicals and concerts.  

Students and staff take part in local and national artistic bodies, such as the National Youth Choir, the Waltham Singers, The Chelmsford Sinfonietta, The Salomon Orchestra, Pigotts Music Camp and a national music research project commissioned by the Government. 

Through its scholarship programme, the school supports students who aspire to become professional dancers, musicians and actors. Students have secured places at the Royal Ballet School and accredited Drama Schools, as well as parts in West End productions and lead roles in major feature films.

New Hall has a number of choirs and music groups which perform in the local and wider community, often in support of charities or charity fundraising. For example, the choirs perform at care homes and school events hosted for the elderly; a number of public performances are enjoyed at external venues, including the Chelmsford Cathedral lunchtime concerts; the annual carol services at Brentwood Cathedral welcome over 800 people on each occasion and donations are given to support the Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society.

The school is keen for its facilities to be used for cultural pursuits and performances and New Hall hosts meetings and competitions for organists in the local community.

Environmental Contribution

In the Preparatory School, environmental issues are promoted through education and the Eco Club which takes part in activities such as vegetable growing and tree planting. The school also has an Eco Committee, made up of staff and students, who meet to address the school’s impact on the environment and work to minimise this. 

The school has undertaken environmental audits and implemented action plans to encourage greater environmental responsibility.  The school operates a recycling service (e.g. paper, batteries, mobile phones) for staff, parents and students and this is encouraged through House recycling competitions throughout the year. 

Heritage Commitment

New Hall School Trust is committed to operate its school on the New Hall campus in Chelmsford, which is the site of the magnificent Tudor Palace of Beaulieu. The main building is Grade I listed and the historic avenue of trees is also a listed park and garden. New Hall School Trust, therefore, has a commitment to maintain and enhance the heritage buildings and setting of New Hall, not just for the students but for the wider community and public interest.

New Hall is ranked by English Heritage in the top 2% of heritage buildings in the country and, in 2009, was placed on the national At Risk Register. The proposed developments that form part of the North East Chelmsford Area Action Plan (NECAAP) are considered to be a significant threat to the heritage setting of the magnificent Grade I listed building and the Grade II listed park and garden which includes The Avenue.

The school faces particular challenges due to the planned housing and business developments around the campus that form part of the NECAAP. The school is working closely with English Heritage, the school’s professional landscape and planning advisers (LDA Design), Chelmsford City Council and Countryside Zest LLP to secure the best possible outcome for New Hall that respects and enhances the unique heritage setting.

The extensive facilities and grounds need careful maintenance and there is ongoing investment in a programme of improvements and refurbishments. The school prides itself on its rich heritage, magnificent main building and stunning campus. It is a major priority for the school that the campus is developed in a way that enhances its beauty and emphasises its historical features for the benefit of the local and wider community. The school does not receive grants from English Heritage for essential works to maintain the main building, and so relies on funding the works through future financial stability which can be best achieved through the school’s planned expansion.