At New Hall, there is always something to do. Our boarding staff have high academic expectations; there are set study times and the tutors who live with the students in-house are always on hand to help with study. Study time varies depending on the age of the boarders, but by the time they reach GCSE or A Level exams, New Hall boarding students consistently achieve outstanding results.

Aside from study, the opportunities at New Hall are wonderful; it is these experiences that will help distinguish each student's application for university and help shape their future.

A wide range of organised activities are on offer and include: instrumental lessons; sport; horse riding; assisting with the New Hall Voluntary Service; dance; drama; cookery; craft; formal dinners; discos and film nights.

The school organises activities and trips at weekends but, as boarders get older, we feel it is increasingly important for them to learn to manage their own free time sensibly. Excessive television watching and computer gaming is discouraged and, instead, students often organise events for each other.  The younger boarders particularly enjoy discos and social events arranged for them by the older ones.

On Sunday evenings, boarders of many different faiths come together for Mass in the beautiful school chapel.  This is a special time for everyone and boarders are involved with organising this, as readers and as servers.